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We strive to provide you with perfect embroidered patches.
In most cases the design will dictate the patch shape and width to height ratio,
and we will advise you of our recommendation as part of the process,
however we will make every effort to incorporate your preferences.
Below are the common options available.
If you don’t see what you are looking for, please ask.

Turnaround – Approximately 3 Weeks – Minimum 100 per design


Merrowed Edge

The most common method of finishing patch edges where thread wraps around the edge to create a long lasting and professional appearance.


Our patches are typically supplied with an iron-on backing for convenience and the added stability provided to the patch. Available without by request.

Heat Cut / Laser Cut Edge

For intricate / non-standard shapes. The base fabric is cut to shape without an added wrap-around thread edge. Also available for standard shapes such as round or rectangle if desired.

Hook & Loop (Velcro) Back

Our embroidered patches can be supplied with Velcro backs where your specific application need requires it. Velcro-back patches can also be supplied with or without the mate fabric.

Embroidered Patches Thread Colours

Embroidered Patches Background Colours (Twill Colours)(Reflective also available):

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